The Pearls of Pearl Street 31

The beginning of this year I thought we needed some love and inspiring poetry to see us through the dark months, the pouring rain, cloudy skies and more lock down restrictions. Thank you to Christine Watkins for translating Mererid Hopwood’s poem for us. Thank you to Eugene Skeef, Mary Oliver and John O’Donohue for words of light and hope.

Here is a translation of Mererid Hopwood’s poem E = mc2


And if there is closing, there is opening,

And if there is far, there is near.

And if there is a cell, there is a great hall,

And if there is night, there is daybreak,

And if there is despair, there is hope.

And if there is fear, there is courage,

And if there is a scar, there are tender stitches,

And if there is an end to a journey

There is also a beginning,

As we need to see, if we see the need.


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